High Quality Coffee Beans

As speciality coffee roasters, we only select single-origin arabica coffee beans that are graded 83 points or above on a 100-point scale as determined by the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA). We offer you the unique opportunity to sample flavours from some of the best coffee producers in the world. We have a strong appreciation for the speciality coffee value chain, believing that as roasters and consumers, we all contribute to the wellbeing of the people producing these high quality coffees.

Ethically Sourced

At the heart of Speciality Coffee is a social consciousness, an awareness and a sense of responsibility. In particular, speciality coffee importers/buyers work very closely with the coffee farmers to sustain and improve the quality of their crops, improve their processing methods and also engage in many charitable community projects to improve the wellbeing of the farm workers. Everyone in the coffee value chain accepts the premiums paid for speciality coffee to support these goals.

Artisan Roasted Coffee Beans

Coffee roasting is an art that requires a high degree of knowledge and experience to produce speciality-level roast profiles and to ensure the highest standard of quality and flavour come through in the final roasted coffee bean. We have chosen fluid bed roasting (hot-air roasting) to get the best out of every bean. Hot-air roasting has very accurate and precise heat control for perfect consistent roasts. The beans are roasted in a clean, smoke free chamber that produces a bright flavour profile.