Cafetière Coffee

Brewing Method

1. Pre heat your Cafetière with boiling water. Then, leave for 1 minute and dispose of the water. This will keep your brewing temperature stable allowing for a much more even extraction.

2. Zero the scales. Place the Cafetière on the scales and put 20g of coffee per 300ml of water (or 2 scoops/tablespoons of coffee per person) into the Cafetière, then zero the scales again.

3. Start timer.

4. Pour 300ml of water just off the boil directly onto the grounds. Stir and ensure all grounds are wet.

5. At 4 minutes, stir the crust to release any grounds from the surface.

6. Using a tablespoon, skim the crema off of the surface. Crema is a combination of the natural fat/oil from the bean and co2 that is being released. By skimming from the top we remove unpleasant bitterness, leaving us with a clean cup.

7. At 4:30, plunge, serve and enjoy!

If your brew tastes bitter, coarsen your grind. If your brew tastes weak and sour, fine your grind. If you want more body, up your coffee dose and adjust grind to taste.

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