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Amazing, best local coffee roasters.
Really grateful to have such a company nearby with reliable coffee.
Amazing people also!


Amazing, best local coffee roasters.
Really grateful to have such a company nearby with reliable coffee.
Amazing people also!

Liza | Rwanda
Return purchase

Enjoyed this so much, that I've bought another big pack - There's a nice solid strength to this mug of coffee!

Amazing Coffee Beans

it’s always a joy to purchase these amazing and tasty coffee beans!
Great customer service as well.


Perfect for my aeropress!

El Tambo | Colombia
Scott Aldred
My morning go to

Its amazing how you can go from drinking coffee to being one of those annoying coffee snobs after a binge of James Hofferman videos and being gifted a Sage Barista Express.

From there it was a trial and error of pressure, grind, amount, and of course bean. This is my favourite punch in the face of a morning. I love it.

Another hit

Not sure if its the power of suggestion, or a very sensitive pallet, but can really sense the different notes suggested on the bag. Some more than others. A much milder roast this. Sort of the mid day cup.

El Tambo | Colombia
Jonathan Moore
Nice coffee

I ordered 3 different varieties from roast labs to try. All 3 are good but this is the nicest one in my opinion. Will buy again.

Liza | Rwanda
Robert Muckley
Super Service - Tasty Coffe

Thanks Liza for getting the coffee to me so quickly. I really love that rich Rwanda coffee taste!


Excellent service,great coffee

Yummy coffee (again - well done RoastLab!)

We bought whole bean and have typically been having it in cafetiere, as well as a Gaggia espresso machine - super yummy and subtle flavours; very fruity, and DELICIOUS! As always - great service from RLC - you'd be daft NOT to go with them, or try this coffee!

Beautiful decaf!

Such a smooth decaf which you really can’t distinguish from non-decaffeinated coffee. It’s now my go-to decaf and the grind Sarah has selected specially for my aeropress is amazing!

Damn good

Lovely complex tastes

Masenga Hill | Burundi
Julia Fischer
Insider Tip

Roast Lab Burundi coffee convinces with its fruity scent and sweet taste. The taste varies depending on the degree of grinding. Highly recommend!

As you'd excepct from Brazil!

Lovely strong coffee; ideal way to start your dasy. Much enjoyed.

Rotutu | East Timor
Mustafa Ramadan
Great present

I bought a number of bags as gifts for my friends in Palestine. They loved the coffee a lot, especially the strong aroma and great flavour. The coffee is great gift especially if your friends are coffee drinkers. I recommend it.

Masenga Hill | Burundi
Christopher Hanssen
Lovey balance

Really enjoyed this for an all rounder. Good fruitiness but also has a bit of umph! Really good stuff (as usual!)

Love it!!!

Wow what a find!!! SO loving this coffee - have struggled to find coffee I really enjoy until my friend introduced me to this delicious range

Catalina De La O | Peru
Monika Gaborek

Catalina De La O | Peru

Smooth and fruity

Makes a delicious cappuccino.
Very satisfying, smooth flavour all the way through the cup.

El Tambo | Colombia
Harvey Bennett

El Tambo | Colombia

Bukonzo Dream | Uganda
Jonathan Hartley

Love this fruity tasting coffee - great every time I have it delivered. It's my second favourite after my daughter's coffee and chocolate mud soup from the garden.


Another lovely coffee! You can taste the honey in this one. would definitely buy again!

Catalina De La O | Peru

This coffee is lovely - the blend I was going to order was unavailable so picked this as a substitute as the maple syrup called out to me... it did not disappoint. Will definitely order this one again.

Lovely coffee