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El Tambo | Colombia

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Caramel, Honey, Floral, Nutty, Dark Chocolate
1850-1950 MASL
Santuario, Risaralda
Sandra Vallejo is part of an association made up of small coffee producers in Santuario, Risaralda. It only has 40 active members and are very strict with the coffees they receive from their members (only 84+ coffees). This has helped their community push coffee quality up and that is how we found Sandra, a women that had to take over the farm when her husband died 6 years ago. Mother of 2 children, she had to learn fast about coffee and found a strong support in the association. With their help and the natural benefits of her land, a beautiful 5 hectares farm producing coffee and plantain, that is surrounded by the Tatama National Park, she has been able to offer her first 85+ coffee.

Customer Reviews

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Rounded flavour with a slight bite!

1/3/2021 - I was given El Tambo beans as a present. This is definitely no ordinary Colombian coffee; it has a really satisfying round flavour that has a bit of a bite in the after-taste. I'm not a coffee aficionado but I do know coffees I like. And this is one of them! So good to see these are roasted by a small family firm nearby in Buckinghamshire.

Great Coffee and service is an understatement!

Ordering online and delivery of this coffee was easy and quick. Amazing local business which I feel good about giving my money to! MORE importantly the coffee is delicious. I love coffee and am fussy about it, and sadly find most of them simply average when you are making them at home. I bought two different blends and was sent a taster of another (another bonus of a local business, nice personal touch). All three coffees were superb and superior to many that I have tried in the past, and all three were distinctly different from each other, so I suggest trying as many out as you can. They are all light but with distinct tasting notes and true to what they say on the package. I enjoy fairly strong coffee as well and so adjusted the amount I used to cater to my taste. I think this coffee is amazing, and is my new go too. Thanks guys!!

El Tambo,Colombia - Lovely Coffee

El Tambo is our first coffee from Roast Lab, it smells define even before brewing up. Working our way through it pretty quickly, we look forward to purchasing again. Delicious!

Finally an amazing local coffee house

I love my morning coffee, and this just hits the spot. Fast despatch, securely packaged.
I only wish they were local enough I could walk to. Fantastic!

Lovely coffee from a great small batch producer

After being recommended to roast lab, it was clear to see why .... great friendly service and awesome coffee ! Start my morning with one every day