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Groundless Tea & Coffee Press | Degono

Groundless Tea & Coffee Press | Degono

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Keep your filtered beverage clean with the only 'Groundless' Tea and Coffee Press.

This unique coffee and tea press has a revolutionary 'GroundsAway' two-filter system.

When the coffee or tea is brewed you push the filter down just like any other press, but the Degono squeezes and locks the grounds in-between two filters so they can be removed dry, leaving the Degono clean.

The Degono story began in November 2013 in Yorkshire, where Tim Craven came up with the idea of creating an easy-clean Cafetiere / French Press. The following year their product became a reality. Degono reinvented tea and coffee brewing with their innovative 6-cup Cafetiere, developed for everyone to use.

The Degono tea and coffee press uses the same brewing system as the French coffee press, giving tea and coffee lovers full control over the process for the perfect brew. Whilst catching the grounds, and loose leaf tea in-between two filters, with their patented 'GroundsAway' system. It has taken them six years to finally bring their product to life.

The Degono is proudly manufactured in the UK.

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