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Kalingwe | Uganda

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This is a fantastic lot, processed at the Kisinga Coffee Station. Collected from over 500 registered farmers to make up the Kalingwe Lot. The farmers have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and given the opportunity of producing a harvest which will give them a greater yield and ultimately a better return, they are willing to go extra lengths to ensure a fantastic crop.

Typically the coffee has been processed at farmer level in this region as there simply is no road access. At the start of the 2019/20 harvest, through the use of Donkeys, they started bringing down the cherries to process at Kisinga. The coffee is tasting incredible and well worth the time and effort to find a solution to bring the coffee down.

By collecting cherry rather than as processed green bean, the value added to their coffee is huge. It also adds incentive to the farmers when picking and selecting ripe coffees as they can achieve higher prices.

Tropical Fruit, Lychee, Mandarin Orange, Floral
SL14, SL28, Catimor
1720 MASL
Kalingwe, Kasese District

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