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Kianderi PB | KENYA

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Kenya produces some of the best and highest scoring coffees in the world. They are know for having fantastic fertile, volcanic soil, a unique and distinctive varietal and excellent harvesting and processing methods.

Most of the best coffee produced in Kenya is processed using a fairly complex version of the washed method. Coffee cherry is delivered for processing and pulped using machines that will separated the coffee into more than one grade using water to determine density. After pulping the coffee is fermented dry in tanks for anything from 12-72 hrs depending on the preference of the washing station. After fermentation the mucilage will have broken down meaning it can be washed off easily. This is typically done using grading channels. Water is used to separate the better quality, more dense coffee from the light inferior beans. After grading coffee is usually soaked a second time for around 12 hrs and then moved to raised drying tables. The coffee is then dried until the moisture content reaches 12%.

Kianderi is a small washing station that processes cherry from around 500 small hold farmers. They use the method described above with a 48 hour fermentation. This is a fairly long ferment and contributes some very interesting fruit notes and complexity to the coffee. After fermentation the coffee is graded in washing channels. After grading the coffee is transferred to the drying tables.

Once the drying process is finished coffee is transferred to a storage area and allowed to rest for a few weeks before being move to a dry mill for processing. Kenyan dry mills split coffees into bean sizes using large sorting machine. The PB is the smallest bean size. It's a fantastic coffee with juicy fruit notes that include blackcurrant, brown sugar and rhubarb.

This is one of the finest quality coffees from Kenya, Kirinyaga County. This coffee is ethically sourced using a direct trade method which ensures the farmers and their workers receive a fair and sustainable price for their beans. We are happy to pay a premium for these beans because of their quality and the many hours of labour put in to create the perfect cup.

Blackcurrant, Rhubarb, Brown Sugar
SL28, SL34, Ruiru, Batian
1600+ MASL
Kianderi, Kirinyaga

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"You must try the Kenyan Kianderi PB"

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