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The Liza washing station is owned by Jean Paul. He is a second generation coffee farmer who has worked for many years as an agronomy consultant both in Rwanda and the Congo. His farm has about 6000 trees and he processes coffee from his own farm and from several hundred local small hold farmers within the community. The quality he produces is outstanding and this is due to his dedication and commitment to training local farmers and focusing on very careful hand sorting at the washing station. Jean Paul produces a variety of different micro-lots, these include washed coffees and bespoke experimental process coffees.

Coffee is hand harvested by small hold farmer members and then sorted carefully to remove defects before it is laid to dry on raised tables. These raised tables ensure even drying of the coffee to avoid mould growth. The layer of coffee is usually no more than 1 inch thick and is moved regularly to make sure that the coffee dries evenly. During the early stage of drying the coffee can be hand sorted to ensure defects are removed.We are very happy with the results this year and this coffee is well rounded and juicy with a thick, syrupy body. We get notes of red grape, cherry and raisin. There is still a nice bright juicy orange note that is very typical in Rwandan coffees.

Red Grape, Cherry, Orange

Red Bourbon

1500+ MASL
Near Kamembe, South West Rwanda

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