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Red De Mujeres | Guatemala

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Raspberry, Milk Chocolate, Brown Sugar
Caturra, Bourbon, Typica
1700-1950 MASL
San Antonio Huista, Huehuetenango

This is an origin with many incredible producing regions, high altitude and fantastic soil. Coffee production in Guatemala is varied with many large estate farms, medium sized small farms and small farms that work together as co-operative groups. Washed coffee tends to be the most coffee processing method with some naturals and honeys appearing more recently.

This coffee is organic certified and comes from a group of women coffee producers all who lost their husbands during the civil war and coffee crisis of 2001-2004. As a group, these women are stronger together and are able to produce fantastic coffee as a co-operative.

All of the contributing producers grow mixed tree varietals, Caturra, Bourbon and Typica and farms are typically 2 hectares or less. Coffee is usually one of several crops grown on small-hold farms and during the harvest season, the coffee hand-harvested and delivered to the local mill for processing.

Coffee is very carefully hand-harvested and processed using the washed method then dried on patios. All the contributing farms are organic certified.

Customer Reviews

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Great coffee from an up-and-coming family business

Great coffee, I am sure the coffee roasting method makes all the difference - have had coffee beans from different sources and have had a much more burnt, bitter taste. This is a much clearer taste with all of the coffee notes described present in the cup.
The coffee beans were definitely as good quality as described, and the business owners are friendly, helpful and willing to accommodate the needs of anyone in a busy work life! Would recommend, and will certainly be using Roast Lab as my regular provider of my coffee addiction!

Love it!

I just owned a coffee machine and have been looking for great coffee that suits my taste. Tried this coffee which has great review and really love the mellow taste of it (for me, that is). I will definitely be ordering some more and also try their other products.

Red De Mujeres

OK but prefer the Beeches blend

Lush, mellow, rich coffee — my favourite!

Red de Mujeres is easily my favourite coffee. A creamy flush of raspberries rounds out its rich and smooth chocolatey flavour. There’s nothing like it. Not a “buzz” coffee — rather, a gentle and kind coffee that makes for a happy and warm start to the day. Rise and shine! Also, this coffee is produced by a women’s collective in Guatemala — fantastic!

My favourite yet!

We've tried a few different blends and I have to say this is my favourite so far. So smooth and delicious- highly recommend.