El Salvador San Ernesto Honey El Salvador San Ernesto Honey El Salvador San Ernesto Honey El Salvador San Ernesto Honey


Tasting Notes

Maple Syrup, Orange, Almonds

Preparation Process



Bourbon, Pacas


1100 MASL



About product

The farm dates back to the 1870´s when Mr. Juan Urrutia planted the first coffee trees at high altitude in volcanic soil, his first crop was 27 bags, as time passed, coffee plantation grew and it has become in our family a tradition, improving quality year after year.

Flowering happens between April and May. Cherries are harvested from Nov to Feb. Fertilization of the plants with organic matter is done regularly and chemically just twice a year, specillay for micro nutrients. The coffee plants are not older than 20 years as they go through a process of replanting after this period. All the Urrutias Estate coffees are 100% shade grown. Native trees are planted every year and to prevent erosion. The main trees use are the izote and the copalchi whcih also act as a natural wind barrier.

Cherries are picked in the morning, processed in the afternoon. This coffee is fully washed and dried on patios and Guardiola dryers at the San Antonio Mill.

The farm is certified Rainforest Alliance and is home of many resident and migratory birds. It is home to 24 different species of mammals, 259 species of insects and over 120 species of migratory birds also we have over 100 manzanas of natural forest.

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