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Swiss Water Decaf | Peru

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Chocolate, Nuts, Red Berries
Washed, Swiss Water
Caturra, Typica
900-1100 MASL
San Ignacio, Jaen and Cajamarca
Fair Trade, Organic, Swiss Water
Sol and Café was founded in 2005, with support from the Caritas Jaen technical team. They quickly moved to acquire the necessary organic and sustainable trading certificates to sell into North America and Europe and grew from their initial 27 clusters of producer base groups to more than 60 producer associations bringing together some 1,000 farmer families Sol and Café has followed a steady growth plan, sticking to clear and strictly applied membership criteria. This coffee is grown and harvested by farmers who have an average farm size of about 20 hectares. Rather than processing their own coffee they deliver cherry to a local wet mill. The mill will sort and process this as washed coffee by pulping the cherry to first remove the fruit. After the outer layer of the fruit is removed the coffee is fermented then washed and dried. Coffee is then sent for decaffeination by Swiss Water, a chemical-free decaffeination process that retains as much flavour as possible. The Swiss Water process is an organic, 100% chemical-free option for decaffeination. It was discovered in the 1930s in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and is commercialised by the Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company Inc, founded in 1988. This method does not require the addition of chemicals, instead relying on a super saturated green coffee solution called Green Coffee Extract (GCE). To decaffeinate coffee, fresh GCE is introduced to a batch of green coffee. As the GCE is already saturated with all the water-soluble compounds found in green coffee, minus the caffeine, the matching molecules won’t diffuse out of the coffee beans—but the caffeine will. The flavour is retained in the beans while the caffeine is removed. Thanks to some scientific smarts and creativity, it’s possible to have decaf coffee that tastes the same – just without the caffeine!

Customer Reviews

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Decaf…with a bit of taste

I’m not a great fan of decaf coffee but know it’s sensible to set a balance to the weight of the caffeine kick. I’ve spent several years trying to find a decaf that doesn’t taste like an insipid liquified version of bad dog’s breath. No great discoveries, although Taylor’s came close. Here’s one that passes the test. It hasn’t lost *all* it’s flavour in the process and while it still lacks the coffee kick, I’m pleased to have, at last, found one that’s drinkable. And locally roasted & ground! 😃

Mark Currie
This is great Decaf coffee.

We are enjoying the new Swiss Water Decaf. It has a much stronger, more pleasing taste from the previous decaf. Great for a decent cuppa, but without the caffeine hit.

Chris Banks
Lovely !

This Peruvian SwissWater Decaf is one of the smoothest and thirst quenching coffee's i've ever tasted. Its beautifully silky with wonderful tones exactly what one would come to expect from Peruvian coffee. The Swiss Water method takes nothing away from the distinctive flavour other than the caffeine . . . Excellent work from RoastLab !!!!

Janet Rooney
Great decaf

Lovely smooth flavour. A great decaf coffee.

Joshua Barrow
A lovely decaf

I'm not normally a decaf drinker but this is the best one I've had. I really loved the story of the washed process and this definitely is transferred into the taste of the coffee!